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December 20, 2013
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Walkthrough: I am the monster... by Imaliea Walkthrough: I am the monster... by Imaliea
OR, How I Did Loki (why, yes! That is a delicious double entendre. Enjoy!)

Here it is! By popular demand (by which I mean something like 3 people.. who all totally rock btw) here is a little semi-tutorial kinda thing on how I ended up with my Lokiliscious fanart! 


Unfortunately, I since so much of this was one big experiment, I can't remember a lot of what I did (I make a poor scientist, I know). What I CAN tell you is that it was a process of adding many, many layers of textures, colours, scribbles, with a lot of placing, maybe taking away, until I had it just how I wanted. Layer effects were instrumental, particularly Overlay, Soft Light and Color, but there are some others. Just experiment and see what looks best! Sometimes I'll just scroll through the layer effects on a layer until something cool happens. May not be a great method, but it works!

What do I mean by "textures"? Well, pretty much things like my scribbling brush, painting random lines and splodges of paint, my shattered glass brushes, anything that creates an interesting "textured" look. I can't really describe it another way ^^;

How do I pick my colours? After I get the initial colour palette sorted, usually by randomly splashing about harmonious colours, I just keep picking from the existing colours found on the canvas. So for darker colours I pick from the dark areas of the canvas. If I need variation, I'll just choose use the color picker to pick something in the general range, or something else complimentary. Sometimes I'll just try a random colour and see how it looks. Not very methodical but there you go haha!

I can't remember if I mentioned it previously, but I was pretty proud of that painting. Not for the reason you might think though --- I was proud because I almost totally gave up on it; I thought it was headed for a very, very sucky result. If I hadn't stopped and taken a look at things differently, find new inspiration, it might never have seen the light of day and the world would have all been terribly, terribly deprived, right? :P

The artist Android Jones was a major inspiration during this time, as his art helped me think to come at it from a different angle. Making it more artistic and meaningful, not just painting a likeness, using more abstract techniques, textures, movement, just going nuts and experimenting! Have fun with it! And once I started in that direction, I started thinking more about what else I could add, and finally struck on the idea of weaving in the traditional mythological elements. That's why I was proud, because I didn't give up and turned it around into something I really like and it seems like a lot of other people have liked it as well :) I was stagnating, but by coming at it from a new angle, made something way, way better! 

Note: Please excuse any typos, I made this at the end of a long day and I'm really not sure how coherent I was at the time...

Want the brushes I mentioned in this? Download below!

Handy Custom Brushset by Imaliea Shattered Glass Brushes by Imaliea

For those who haven't seen, here's the full artwork!

Loki: I am the monster by Imaliea 
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lunaSerene Mar 30, 2014  Student Filmographer
This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing your skills :tighthug:
Tsart68 Mar 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
kupofi Mar 26, 2014  Student
Ahh I love it! This final picture is gorgeous I love the marks and the colours they compliment each other excellently. Thank you so much for showing us your progress ^^
XkashyuriX Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome tutorial :D love the little stache you added at the end lol
F-Lagerdahl Mar 26, 2014  Professional Photographer
Your process was really cool and I love the end result! 
Thanks for sharing your process! 
ChaosOfGods Feb 27, 2014  Student Photographer
This is amazing. nice to see.
laurentiusmark93 Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really Superb!
eraeriel Feb 25, 2014  New member Professional General Artist
awesome keep it up
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